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Caigang trailer design - need to be aware of when installation place Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-10

caigang trailer and our daily living is not the same, this kind of house is temporary and is usually used as a worker dormitory maybe some workshop and so on, these are called caigang trailer, the trailer is not satisfied to must use of the space, and can also be secondary use, must extent reduced the capital, so many local are now built caigang trailer, the colored steel structure building in the planning and equipment requirements in pay attention to what? Let's learn about the.

what caigang trailer is

caigang trailer is the use of light steel as a skeleton, and then add some fence material, must after the combination, then bolted connection is fixed. Caigang trailer more environmental protection and energy saving, and also more convenient and efficient.

caigang trailer is not only beautiful modelling, and more affordable, the price is relatively more cheap, and it also has a cyclone the effect of earthquake resistance, heat insulation moistureproof, and convenient to be dismantled, such equipment can greatly shorten the time limit, especially suitable for some emergency project.

caigang mobile devices in planning and what pay attention to the time demand

caigang trailer to withstand wind and rain sunshine, all the year round and in nature can form to caigang trailer oxygen and water corrosion, particularly sulfur dioxide in the air, more severe corrosion. So in the planning time to consider the anti-corrosion of caigang trailer, now the primary way is to use protective layer of anti-corrosion, anti-rust paint spray.

in the planning time to consider of caigang trailer in the change of the nodes adjacent components, especially in some of the first node, otherwise it will affect the structure of the whole trailer, through a series of discussion indicate better join method is approached hinged, so stress is uniform, and increasingly consolidated.

caigang trailer in the practice of producing, transporting, and open it in the process of deformation is sure to attack, such as the deformation after testing, if we do not have again after equipment will appear problem, so in the planning of cent can withstand the deformation constraint, we must first rules to ensure the safety of the structure.

choi steel structure building in the equipment of cent to pay more attention to the surrounding environment is appropriate, if have to pay more attention to two layer between two layers of up demand for welding, equipment according to planning requirements, not present leakage welding may be false welding conditions.

if be aerial work, the equipment must demand in sending device. Do anti-corrosion treatment and drainage, water condition cannot render.

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