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Can light steel villas resist earthquakes?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-25

The current buildings are gradually becoming industrialized and standardized, and light steel villas are one of them. Light steel villas do not require bricks and tiles during the construction process, which makes many people feel insecure and worry that this kind of house cannot live in people. Then let's take a look at what is so special about this kind of house, and whether it can stand the test!
Light steel structure house, its main material is light steel keel synthesized by hot-dip galvanized aluminum strip through cold rolling technology. The aluminum-zinc alloy structure of the galvanized steel sheet is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon solidified at a high temperature of 600 ° C. The entire structure is composed of aluminum-iron-silicon-zinc, forming a dense quaternary crystal. Thus forming a layer of barrier that effectively prevents the penetration of corrosion factors. Light steel keel The light steel keel structure has special anti-corrosion treatment on the steel surface, mainly galvanized and galvanized. According to relevant information, its anti-corrosion layer can be protected for 300 years, far exceeding the service life of the national permanent building. The CCTV program 'Approaching Science' once did an experiment. The light steel plated with aluminum and zinc performed well in the salt spray experiment. Many netizens were surprised and couldn't believe it when they saw it. They say stereotypes are unreliable.
Steel bars: steel bars without any protection are immediately corroded Ordinary heavy steel: ordinary heavy steel with simple coating, heavily corroded Light steel: only light steel plated with aluminum and zinc has a smooth surface without rust marks
Seismic performance Light steel structure buildings are light in weight, and most of the light steel wall components are mechanically connected by self-tapping screws, which determines the natural seismic performance of the light steel structure system. Since the earthquake activity is from left to right and up and down, the light steel structure connected with fasteners forms a safe and stable box, which will not endanger personal safety due to the shaking of the earthquake and the collapse of the wall or the falling of the floor. When the earthquake intensity is 9, it can meet the requirements of no collapse.

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