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Can't deal with a shipping container shipping is what goods?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22
People learn about the international shipping container is not what goods can be shipped, the vast majority of goods can be shipped, but there are still a few goods should not be shipped, according to the requirements of the appropriate containerize the goods for 12 categories, namely, electricity, instrument and equipment, small machinery, glass, porcelain, art; Propaganda materials, paper, pharmaceutical, and alcohol smoke food, articles for daily use, chemical products, knitwear, hardware accessories and so on. What goods can't deal with a shipping container shipping? 1, the fresh goods. Such as fish, shrimp, etc. , due to Marine transport relativity other means of transport, longer, these products will be bad, can't normal selling inedible. 2, goods net weight more than a container load of net weight, also can not take the way of a shipping container. 3, super specifications of the goods can be applied to container shipping, some big spare parts is extremely high, ultra-high, only this item according to the carrier or ramp up to deliver on the vessel. 4 for military transportation, container no. Armed forces or military industry enterprises to apply for a shipping container shipping, according to business shipments to apply for. Military spare container transport applications, by container transportation standard has not apply for to deal with. In container freight transport, so that the safety of the ship, cargo, box, must be based on the characteristics, type and capacity of the goods, net weight and the way to choose appropriate container; Otherwise, not only for some goods can not be checked, and also the damage caused by poor use. Container goods used for container can make the following into account: ( 1) Clean and dirty goods: goods can use the product container, ventilated containers, open top containers, refrigerated trucks; ( 2) Precious goods and easy to break goods, can use product containers; ( 3) Frozen goods and decay goods: can use refrigerated trucks, ventilated container, adiabatic container; ( 4) Cabinet: to use bulk tank containers, tank containers; ( 5) Small animals and plants: (sorting Small animals) Container, ventilated container; ( 6) Heavy goods: choose open top containers, flat rack, platform containers; ( 7) Dangerous goods, can choose the product container, frame containers, refrigerated trucks.
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