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Can we arrange the prefabricated houses shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
Yes. Customers can arrange the prefabricated houses shipment by themselves or by their own agent. Typically, Lida Group will arrange the shipping of orders via dependable freight companies, common carrier, or preferred local delivery service. Shipping or delivery charges will be included in the final invoice and the balance must be paid in full prior to shipping. Ownership of the product transfers to the customer upon the shipping company taking possession of the order for transport. If the customer chooses their own shipping company, public carrier or local delivery service, they must file a claim directly with the selected carrier or delivery service. Please note that in this case, we are not responsible for the customer's own shipping damage and claims.

As an exporter in the poultry farm house field, Lida Group has established many customer relationships. The poultry farm house is one of the main products of Lida Group. The product features temperatures resistance. The variations of temperature will not produce significant deviations in the hardness of the material or the resistance to fatigue, nor in any of his other mechanical properties. This product can be patined with different colors. modern prefab house plays an important role for the development of Lida Group. This product has been certified under CE.

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