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Chamber room choose three criteria

by:Lida Group     2020-07-20
Chamber room selected three standard

box room is the upgrade of trailer, its good product structure and the characteristics of a variety of excellent welcome by the market. Compared to the traditional trailer, box room with moistureproof, cold, fire superior living conditions, etc. And along with our country market ansett honest companies such as the introduction of international chamber house technology, China's cabinet room has a lot to improve on the level of product. We will briefly explain the three standard chamber room selection.

chamber room choice of standard

security: on the interior chamber room or old after installation the mock up room decorate will have a problem, and is essentially the same chamber room decoration and modern home outfit, can even interior decoration luxurious, adopting safe decoration materials, old-fashioned example room, can only simple decoration, and even the introduction of the power supply and the problem such as water, gas, is a big problem to install. The emergence of box-type room has greatly improved the problem.

box housing choice in constructing: chamber room different from the structure of the integration of activities is one of the primary difference between example room, get rid of the traditional concept of assembling example room. And this kind of structure can better convenient installation, dismantling, is simple in structure optimization.

features: the advantages of box-type room usually has the thermal insulation sandwich structure, through the fill glass wool rock wool insulation and fireproof material such as heat preservation and sound insulation moistureproof. And effective to eliminate the single film structure of ordinary example room, make residential and office conditions more superior.

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