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Chaoyang spell box rental manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-06-28
Chaoyang spell box rental manufacturer

1. As countries advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, re-use slogan, the company after two years of research and development, structural design and loading experiment. Introduced prefabricated whole put together a container, this product is widely used in construction of temporary project offices, workers' dormitories, factory overlay a dormitory building, municipal engineering and landscaping, etc.

2。 This product appearance elegant and easy, container body shape design of 3 m wide, 6 m long, level 2. 8 m, pillar based on 160 mm wide edge design, three-dimensional box frame type room appearance accord with engineering architectural aesthetics, the framework USES the classic plastic spraying process of the lacquer that bake, a colour, keep for a long time. Products are in conformity with export standards in the European Union.

main frame color optional customizations, Snow White, build blue, red, engineering construction. Computer color matching, frame after pickling phosphating coating, rust grade meet the national standards, all sorts of color custom show the features of building enterprise culture construction unit.

product features

1. Total prefabricated assembly, no need crane, such as car crane into don't go to the region, the container can also realize the field assembly, market application is broad. Fast installation, no electric welding.

2。 Framework iron roof, large bearing capacity, top beam is equipped with water chute in drainage design, the flow through the top of the arch design discharged into water chute, without a large number of coating glue, safe and reliable.

3。 Prefabricated whole put together a container strong versatility, frame forming can according to customer needs, the make it more meeting rooms of connected, large office. As a side door, tea pavilion container, mobile toilets container and other custom products.

4。 Metope of this product can be installed fireproof sandwich panels, 50 mm to 75 mm and 100 mm, suitable for high temperature cold area, indoor visible without frame, better thermal conductivity coefficient is also easy to install and can be used as compound floor, plastic carpet, PVC shade horn line, line that play a base, etc.

5。 The transportation is convenient, no need crane, a 6 m cars that can hold all ten sets of container material. Containers that can hold nearly hundred bare frame. Stacked frame plate and accessories science, ensure material greatly no damage to create greater value for customers.

6。 Production line, automatic spray paint. The supply of strong ability to respond to, to ensure the site needs to use in a timely manner. In a large number of containers, engineering squad only need to increase the installation completed, can be quickly we have any room of design and production process. Demand for customer site, design different container house type pile arrangement, stairs, corridor, hipped roof.

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