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Choi steel trailer how should maintain? - Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-10

prefabricated houses was originally as a construction site temporary accommodation, originated in guangdong. After the reform and open policy, shenzhen as the experimental zone of China's reform and opening up, be badly in need of all kinds of building, building developers, construction workers, flocked to shenzhen from all over the country. To solve the problem of workers' accommodation, the developers have set up a temporary accommodation. Construction site temporary housing, the original is asbestos shingle roof GongJian temporary shed, has low cost, but later than prefabricated houses, humble, security is very low, almost no wind, shockproof capability. After 90 s, the country to strengthen the management of the construction site, to ensure the safety of workers; Asbestos has been proved harmful and carcinogenic substance. Shenzhen city banned the use of asbestos sheets GongJian temporary accommodation, and temporary accommodation should have a certain level of security, have wind, shockproof capability. Across the country have also introduced a ban. The direct cause for PU tile roof tile prefabricated houses.

in the early days, the construction of the prefabricated houses have no unified identity standards. In chronological order, prefabricated houses can be divided into three categories:

a, cement prefabricated houses.

early construction site temporary housing, majority is built by the construction team. The temporary housing built, the higher specifications, when its concrete as the main body of the housing. Asbestos sheets were banned after using PU tile instead of directly. This is one of the earliest prefabricated houses: cement prefabricated houses. But not cement prefabricated housing activity, although directly using building materials, but long construction period, high cost; After the completion of the project, demolition of the housing difficulties of cement, waste a lot of manpower material resources; Cannot be recycled.

2, magnesium, phosphorus prefabricated houses.

magnesium phosphate prefabricated houses, prefabricated houses, in the true sense is using magnesium phosphate plate as the wall materials, with light steel structure as the skeleton shack. The quality of the light steel structure is gradually recognized by people. The housing assembly technology is also mature. Production, installation of prefabricated house standard also gradually formed. But with the emergence of caigang prefabricated houses, magnesium, phosphorus prefabricated houses became a transitional product.

three, caigang prefabricated houses.

phosphorus magnesium plate end of qualitative light, intensity, its performance than EPS choi steel of waterproof, fire prevention, etc. Soon, people found that magnesium phosphate board not appropriate as outside wall materials, only suitable for interior wall material. Then started using performance and delicate appearance choi steel as wall material. Choi steel as outer wall materials, using the standard module to design, this is now at the beginning of the normal activities of plate shape. General appearance, and cheng city architectural style, the performance is better. The emergence of the solved the shortcoming of low magnesium phosphate prefabricated house external wall strength, quickly replaced magnesium phosphate prefabricated houses, become a prefabricated house standard. It also makes the application range of the prefabricated houses also more and more widely, not only as a temporary housing construction site, also used as the roof layer, shops, municipal and resettlement housing, etc.

The , essentially perfected by flat pack homes, is one of the first home appliance to be widely distributed.
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