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Choose container floor of the building?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-12
Container house is more and more widely used, the container reform after the formation of the container house to live, not just can also be used for commercial purposes. On the street can see the figure of container houses, coffee shops, restaurants and so on. The container no matter used for residential or commercial, one of the most important is the floor of the container house. Once the container because the floor belong to the foundation, and the foundations of the building does not conform to the scope, reduce the service life of container houses, even for container homes pose a safety hazard. Choose container floor of the building? A: manufacturers strength in view of the user not a professional, when choosing the floor of the container house, the brand is the right way. Most ordinary can't according to the surface layer of floor tile to distinguish product quality fit and unfit quality, at the moment, the manufacturers in the industry of user evaluation is critical, the manufacturer's technology level and brand reputation is the basic ensure of quality of floor tile. 2: bearing force when choosing floor tile, floor tile is sure to consider the bearing capacity of floor, this is closely related with the application of the customer, the details of the bearing force must conduct consulting for manufacturers, manufacturers usually have professional pressure facilities. 3: high temperature glue technology the floor of the container house is produced by high temperature agglutination technology, the high temperature, high pressure and agglutination with stringent process specification and test standard, city Yang on many manufacturers to reach the lower profits, in the aspect of pressure and glue can save a shoddy, and then the probability of cracks come unglued will increase. And glue the advantages and disadvantages of health must have harm to the body, some vendors selected glue with toxic organic matter, is harm to health. 4: material material has big harm to the quality, as a general rule, wood quality better than wood residue or broken plate grind, with a new timber yield than the old board, broken board produced out better. But some of the old, broken plate produced goods is not pass.
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