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Commercial housing which is better than container trailer

by:Lida Group     2020-07-10
Container trailer commodity house which is better than the so-called live container, also is a kind of prefabricated houses. Manager Chen is a live person head of container companies, he told the reporters, this kind of living people container is given priority to with site lease for workers to dwell in, there are also some private rent and buy. Another similar enterprise manager zhang told reporters: 'we have received orders backlog of more than 40, hands are full. 'Container the biggest advantage is cheap. 3 * 6 m container, rental price is 6 yuan/day, only need 180 yuan a month, a year 2000 multivariate. If you want to buy, every price 10000 yuan, can also be customized according to buyers' demand. Container trailer commodity house which is better than house prices compare container: generally set inside area of about 13 square meters after decorating, 1 per container. 20000 yuan, nearly 900 yuan per square metre.

commodity house: at present shenzhen property prices an average of about 20000 yuan per square meter, with container than the difference is too big.

position compared to

container: only in the suburbs and desolate, but the container has a strong liquidity, place can not change the house. Commodity: can according to their wishes, downtown and suburb are optional. But once you buy, it is difficult for to change. Security contrast container: the container, usually only in remote areas have a place to put, living is scattered, low safety factor. Commodity house: there are hundreds of homes and even a village on the thousands of people, usually has a patrol management, high degree of safety. Contrast container appearance: very personalized, can according to his be fond of any coating, can do it very different. Don't like also can draw again. Commodity: appearance design, only by the developers themselves can't change it.
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