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Common safety problems of construction site fence

by:Lida Group     2022-06-14

During the installation and installation of enclosures, some construction units think that the enclosures at the construction site are temporary, and do not pay attention to the setting of enclosures, and do not construct in accordance with the requirements of the specification; secondly, in order to save materials, the enclosures are made of clay. In order to remove the wall bricks for secondary use after the project is completed, this method will inevitably cause the wall itself to have too low strength and poor stability; the third is to build the wall near the edge of the forest belt and green vegetation without taking preventive measures during construction. Affected by frequent watering of forest belts and micro-spraying of greening, the foundation of the enclosure wall continued to sink, and the wall skin fell off, resulting in the tilting and collapse of the wall. A large lateral pressure is generated on the wall, which leads to the collapse of the wall.

The following are several construction methods that are considered to be better, for reference only by the construction unit:

1. On the original land When building enclosures, the excavation depth of the foundation should not be less than 400mm. The construction sequence is: first, use M5 cement mortar to build two layers of 500-wide brick foundations, build a layer of 370-meter masonry, and build a 500-meter-high 240-wide solid brick masonry M1. Clay mortar masonry 240 empty bucket wall M5 cement mortar enclosure and pressure roof.

2. On soft ground, when building enclosures, the foundation excavation depth should not be less than 500mm. The construction sequence is: ramming the bottom of the foundation trench M5 cement mortar builds four layers of 500-wide brick foundation and one layer of 370 bricks builds 1000mm high 240 solid brick masonry M1 clay mortar builds 240 empty bucket walls M5 cement mortar tops.

3. When building fences at the edge of the forest belt and vegetation, first consider the impact of watering and greening micro-spraying in the forest belt, and the foundation depth should not be less than 600mm . The construction sequence is: first pour 500 wide and 200 mm thick C10 concrete M5 cement mortar to build a 100 mm high 240 solid wall M1 clay mortar to build a 240 empty bucket wall M5 cement mortar to press the top, and the enclosure on the side near the forest belt and vegetation is completed. , the wall is immediately plastered with M5 waterproof mortar.

4. When building fences, the spacing of brick stacks must be set according to the specification requirements, generally 3~3.6m to set up a brick stack; When building a bucket wall, it must be built according to; five buckets and one sleep; masonry to ensure the overall stability of the enclosure.

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