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Common sense of container prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-15

Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. provides prefabricated modular housing construction. Through years of construction experience, you can have a new home with better quality, more comfort, and very low cost. Choosing modular home construction can meet your various needs about your new home to a certain extent.

Prefabricated houses, commonly known as prefab houses, or prefab houses, which are professional housing types for mobile prefabrication, are one of the types of prefabricated buildings. Before construction, usually in standard mode, you can Very easy to transport and assemble. Some current prefab home designs include architectural details that are becoming some comprehensive inspirations for modern or future architecture.

Create a modular home for you that can be pre-assembled or built directly on site in your designated location. This is a brand-new architectural style and a brand-new practice of modern architectural structure.

The prefab house is composed of a variety of internal modular components. These are partially movable or fully movable. According to your different needs, different design schemes are created. The main applications of the prefab house are divided into two types. , one is the building structure used on the construction site, including sheds, canteens, bathrooms on the construction site, etc., and the second is for household use, including different purposes such as living and storage.

In the construction of modular houses, different building structures are built according to different needs at the initial stage, and then transported to the construction site designated by the customer for installation. These are all necessary processes. For every seemingly ordinary house, a complete set of processes such as design, evaluation, funding, construction, and acceptance must be done in the early stage.

Lida Group is always trying to better understand the prefab houses of innovation, so we can help companies lead the industries.
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