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Construction personnel safety protection when using prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-11-09

about the safety of construction personnel protection

in the field of installation personnel, must wear safety helmet, if have suspended operations, must fasten your seat belt, all in all to obey the safety construction of six major discipline, completes the safety protection measures. Only completes the safety prevention measures, to ensure the safety of construction personnel so serious fire in building prefabricated houses, in the process of construction of prefabricated houses, is to ban the use of fire, lest cause a fire, that need your attention. Can't put sundry, in the process of construction, there may be some rubbish or debris, sometimes prefabricated house is not a layer, double layer or multilayer, may arise if this is the case, then is rigorous in the corridor or the place of debris and garbage in the fire channel.

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