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Construction quality requirements for steel structure engineering

by:Lida Group     2022-02-22

Construction quality requirements of steel structure engineering

  Steel structure engineering is more and more used in high-rise and super high-rise buildings, and the construction of steel structure is also Similarly, we know very little about the characteristics of steel structures, and for the characteristics of steel structure buildings in my country today, the requirements for quality and safety should be more stringent.

   First, safety

  ① When installing the positioner, the ventilation and smoke exhausting measures must be taken well, and the lighting must be 12V low voltage lamp.

  ② The high-altitude soft-climbing ladder must be installed and hoisted together before the column hoisting. Workers must fasten the safety belt on the soft-climbing ladder when going up and down to prevent the accident from slipping and falling.

  ③ Do a good job of pulling down and hanging horizontal safety nets on the construction work surface. When installing steel beams, safety wire ropes must be pulled between the columns for workers to buckle their safety belts when walking horizontally.

  ④ When carrying out beam-column or beam-to-beam connection operations at high altitude, there must be a temporary working platform or a safety basket to facilitate the operation of workers.

  ⑤ The outer grid must keep up with the construction progress of the steel structure in time.

  ⑥ 'Four mouths and five limbs' must pull up the guardrails and horizontal safety nets to prevent falling objects from injuring people.

  ⑦ Organize the construction reasonably, avoid three-dimensional cross construction work on the same working surface, and do a good job of safety work.

  Second, quality

  ① Raw materials must have factory certificate and inspection report.

  ② Full penetration butt welds must be beveled, and the welds must undergo 100% ultrasonic inspection, and unqualified parts must be removed and rewelded.

  ③ The waste heat shrinkage of 0.7mm/m must be reserved when the steel is blanked.

  ④ The low hydrogen electrode must be dried before use, and kept dry during construction.

  ⑤ Install friction-type high-strength bolts. Do not forcibly knock, gas-cut and ream holes, or damage the sandblasting friction surface when perforating.

  ⑥ After the column is installed, the top must be covered with a cover plate to prevent rainwater and debris from falling into the column.

  ⑦ Take waterproof measures for the column foot to prevent groundwater from seeping and leaking into the room from the weak point of the interface between the column foot and the pile cap.

  ⑧ Because the formwork of the pressed steel plate seating floor has the characteristics of dense joints, no leakage and no water absorption, the slump and sand rate of the concrete mix ratio of the floor should be strictly controlled. To prevent the occurrence of quality problems such as shrinkage cracks caused by the low strength of the concrete surface due to bleeding during the initial setting of the concrete and the generation of powder and sand rate. The slump should be 160mm to 200mm, and the sand rate should be 35% to 38%.

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