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Construction requirements of prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-25

Construction requirements of prefabricated house:

1 Steel structure of prefabricated house

The installation position of each component should meet the design requirements, and the location of on-site welding parts should be accurate. No false welding, leakage welding.

2 The fasteners of the movable room

A, the fasteners shall comply with the provisions of GB5782

B, The bolts must be installed in the correct position according to the design requirements, and the gaskets must be well padded.

C. The connecting bolts between components must be tightened.

3 The paint of the mobile room

A. After on-site welding and the peeling of the primer during transportation, a layer of anti-rust paint should be repainted

B. The exposed parts of the components shall be brushed with two layers of topcoat, and the paint shall not be leaked, peeled, painted or rusted.

4 The wall of the mobile room

A. According to the layout diagram, the sandwich color steel plate and the first piece of the wall must be corrected. The corners and outside corners of the umbrella wall are sealed with angle aluminum. The connection between the plates is made of I-shaped aluminum. The seam depth should be consistent, neat and clean, the wall surface should be clean, the color should be consistent, the board seams should be neat, the rivets should be Φ5X13@300, the top and bottom of the nails should be consistent, and there should be no staggered, and self-tapping bolts should be used for necessary parts.

B. Mark the position of doors and windows according to the design drawings, cut out the position of the door and window holes with a cutting machine, install the windows and doors according to the positions of the door and window holes, the windows are plastic steel windows, the sandwich color steel doors cut by the guard, and finally the bottom ceiling is made, and the ceiling material is PVC gusset plate .

5 Doors and windows of the mobile room

A. Doors and windows are installed in the correct position and fastened with bolts.

B. The doors and windows should be installed flexibly without blocking, the glass should not have pockmarks and cracks, the glass should be clean, and the accessories should be installed firmly.

6 Floors of prefabs

A. The floor slabs should be laid with ash. Cracks between the slabs are not allowed to be installed and used. The surface of cement or fine stone concrete should be compacted and calendered, and defects such as cracks, peeling and sanding are not allowed.

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