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Consumer demand diversity, prefabricated housing enterprises need to deal with by innovation

by:Lida Group     2020-07-04
Consumer demand diversity, prefabricated housing enterprises need to deal with by innovation. As income level and cultural level unceasing enhancement, people's consumption demand more diverse, and increasingly younger consumer market, the demand for personalized products. Under such circumstances, the current consumers on prefabricated housing industry chain, the relationship between producer and market is changing, consumers increasingly obvious dominant characteristics. To cope with the phenomenon, prefabricated houses need to strengthen enterprise innovation, can spend more time in product design and marketing. Product innovation for prefabricated housing enterprise top priority now, many consumers want to show their personality, have different requirements, in the case of diversified consumer demand, many companies began to preempt the market segment. But market segment is not equal to abandon the whole market, but form their own unique selling point and competitiveness in the competitive market, prefabricated housing enterprises focus on playing a bit, specialization, tend to win unexpected surprises. The personage inside course of study says, the Chinese consumer has experienced rapid promotion material life era, when the material & throughout; Ebbed away, and the requirements for the quality of life, and of his own life began to reflect on, innovation began to have a place, and gradually become the soul of prefabricated housing industry. The pursuit of personality, is no longer a personality & throughout; But the industry trend. Innovative marketing methods help prefabricated house enterprises to open the market is like a river's lake, marketing as jianfa, prefabricated houses except innovation product design, also should strengthen marketing innovation. And indeed, when prefabricated houses in enterprise price war, advertising, promotional, tired after might as well try to find new ways, to find the path to break the traditional marketing dilemma. Specifically, this is an era of information flooding, first of all, the prefabricated housing enterprises refining of point. No memory of the advertising is equal to the plain boiled water, no taste, not rooted in the customers mind cannot cause the resonance of the customers to buy more. Second, the terminal. Advertising itself is boring, not attractive advertising is not willing to see, but the terminal advertising do creatures swagger, as soon as the customer to say 'hello', can let a person feel kind, take the initiative to want to close, make the customer the advantage of month. All in all, innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Prefabricated houses, to the development of an enterprise shall continuously to meet customer demand, combine the latest product technology and management methods to the business development of the enterprise. Therefore, any enterprise cannot leave the innovation, prefabricated houses to be ready to enough to cope with the increasingly diverse consumer market, product innovation and marketing model innovation is essential.
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