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Container and trailer which seismic effect is good

by:Lida Group     2020-07-07
For people of container and trailer which seismic effect is good

as a temporary housing, whether we choose to live one container good or prefabricated house? Which the seismic effect better? Small make up for the share of container and trailer which seismic effect is good,

prefabricated houses a with light steel skeleton, retaining materials for sandwich panel, with standard coefficient of space, component by bolt connection. The thickness of the thinner light steel itself, stress is low, component by bolt connection under outside pressure is also very limited, and its lighter, as long as some external force, prefabricated houses can easily fall apart, collapse, security is relatively lower container. According to authoritative technical test data, prefabricated house earthquake-resistance is only one 5 of the container.

one container using steel as raw materials, hard channel steel as the main body frame box, and then put the rest of the welded into a whole, the thickness of the steel generally reach 5 to 10 cm, pressure can reach 3 tons, so the external force produced by general earthquake influence on live one container is limited, and relatively safe in the container. Because of using steel as raw material, produce the product itself is heavy, don't move easily. According to the simulation testing, in one container extent can resist 5 earthquake in theory.

by living people, and the comparison of prefabricated houses, container we it is clear from the principle of the former is much better than the latter shock-resistant, therefore suggested that the construction site as far as possible use one container.
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