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Container building enduring, depends on the six characteristics - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-15
Container house also known as container house, the general is a container for the material, the modified process evolved into doors and Windows complete home. Again after a detailed decoration into container houses, plus a bed, a sofa, electrical appliances, etc. , such as container houses and common home there is no substantial difference. This is also the reason of container house enduring. At present, widely used in offices and homes. A, transportation convenient and quick, very suitable building ShiGongDian company often removed. 2, strong and durable, all composed of steel, stability, good performance of seismic grade. Have strong ability to resist deformation; Good sealing performance, strict manufacturing process make the caigang houses have very good tightness. Third, using the characteristics of the development of personalized writing can be personalized plastic arts. To provide customized, in line with their characteristics and pursuit. Four, theme activities according to the standard of stainless steel sheet metal chassis, can lead many space. Such as a large conference room in the dormitory, restaurant kitchen, toilet, etc. Five, convenient disassembling, performance outstanding, the net weight of partial light. Home for the whole structure, with frame, wall for carbon steel plate, wood finishes are available, and can be the overall migration, the service life of over 20 years. Six, inexpensive, can use continuously. Circulation systems use a waste container, 1 can be saved. 7 tons of stainless steel plate and 0. 4 cubic meters of timber, reduce carbon dioxide 3. 49 tonnes. If a year from thousands of waste container, saving energy and reducing consumption 34. More than 90000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, save 3. 400 million KWH. Container module technology can reduce 50% of the time of construction project.
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