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Container buildings built step is the basis of what?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-24
Although multifarious container building, and the basic construction to build process is very different, have the same design and build steps, because the container if the container for living people, the first requirement is living conditions, living conditions improve. Such a container and buildings not much different in nature. Container buildings built step is the basis of what? One: the laboratory to the space and application of engineering and construction, and the container body is expected to finish upgrading the modular design of interior space to carry out the comparison, clear architectural planning and design scheme and the structure of the relative layout plan. 2: must be in the process of trading, the size of the container, model specifications, types and the market price to carry out the early research, container type and clear the choose and buy of choose and buy is in place. Three: the old container to carry out the casing repair of choose and buy, fine polishing off unnecessary or already part of the rusty and external heat preservation and heat insulation XiangYangChu spray paint coating. Four: according to the early architectural planning and design for upgrading must be carried out in forcible entry metal components, laser cutting out the Windows of the cave. Five: according to the structure design, early in the structure reinforcement area of the electric welding welding must carry out additional steel structure. Part six: the laser cutting out of the mouth of the cave choose welding welding way to install door frame window, and its main keel welding welding box body. Seven: install thermal insulation materials. 8: embedded parts installed cables, water supply pipe. Nine: the whole bathroom installation fixed furniture, restaurant kitchen and bedroom. Ten: install wall and decorate condole roof board wood veneer. 11: use the suitable road to install the floor paving material. 12: the key point to carry out the comb, such as installation of lighting lamps and lanterns, furniture placement activities, etc.
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