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Container can be classified according to the products - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-25
Now, the container market is big, many industries need to container. The most obvious feature of the container is used to transport. Transportation is an economic chain, the chain of economic is necessarily create a lot of economic benefits. Therefore, the public is more and more recognition for container. Container can be classified according to the products, generally can be divided into five categories, there are dry cargo, bulk cargo, liquid container, cold storage, car. Because of the different nature of the product requirements, the role of the container will be different. 1, the dry container is the container is the most general, applicable to the delivery of products, usually all sorts of goods don't have to adjust the temperature of the application of appropriate container, usually called general container. 2, bulk tank container is used for loading goods powder, granule, etc of all sorts of scattered said items in the container. 3, liquid cargo container is used for loading goods container. 4, refrigerator car is this kind of equipment, refrigeration units machines and lumenal laid low thermal conductivity of materials, used for loading of refrigeration, heat insulation, cold storage items in the container. 5, trolley container is a professional design used to transport vehicles, and can be divided into double loading container. Main use 1 container room, the construction of temporary facilities of high-grade requirements, such as the project manager's office, hotels, conference hall, etc. ; 2, the construction by the place limit, can install of van room commodity; 3, land for field work; Such as: on the outskirts of exploration and construction mobile office, bedroom, etc; 4, emergency purposes; Such as: defense mobile command system, disaster relief, disaster relief mobile command system mobile command system, etc.
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