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Container deeply favored by reason

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
Live one container deeply favored by

new live container house towards the great river north and south, why is this new container houses are able to carry out so quickly in a short span of a few years?

actually this kind of container house is now the most is the construction site, why the site were now using the container house, we have learned, prefabricated houses there is a lot of questions, for example to device, the loss is bigger, less wind resistance and poor vibration resistance and fire retardancy is poorer, environmental pollution, use no sensitive, move more trouble. And container house is leading much, device for up to ten times faster, tear open outfit almost no loss, wind resistance, shock resistance, good fire retardancy are compared, green environmental protection, the use of sensitive, mobile is very convenient, so now many local shall choose container houses, container houses have dormitory and units, such as dormitory: container dormitory put five of the upper and lower bed, is a door window, floor tile laid, circuit socket, such as air conditioning device has good, unit: container unit, the unit can is very big, is joined by four container house, wide bright. Container house is stopped, it is not a use of shipping containers container modification, but use steel sandwich board and data such as independent, actually container houses so be recognition, its main reason has two, one is a good contrast, commodities have a lot of prefabricated houses have no advantage. The second is comparative cheap rent. First, container houses dismantling is convenient, the circulation use, wind resistance and earthquake resistance, good fire retardancy are compared, green environmental protection, the use of sensitive, mobile convenience. Used the customer retention of hundred, reputation on the market is very good. The container housing to develop very fast in China, also in unceasing increase every year, trust in this newsletter degrees, will soon become the mainstay of the market.
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