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Container disguised himself as a family living

by:Lida Group     2020-07-20
How container disguised himself as a family living containers disguised himself as a family living containers, a very good idea for young people can't afford to buy a house, this is a shortcut to realize ZhuFangMeng, the container how disguised himself as a family living? Change the first container is tight, if engineering is also big, the inside of the house type design, home decorations can refer to the pattern of the trailer, but hydropower pipeline row line if not adept to please people, can consider more, or directly please stylist, see the design of the rv, design Suggestions on ventilated breathe freely.

container is the most important of thermal insulation, fire prevention, guard against theft, fluctuation, power supply problems. , generally good box are directly by the trailer to pull scheduled place, hanging crane set the position.

container secondary antirust processing, and the box body paint surface and internal also fitted with electrical wiring, lights and air conditioning pipe. 'Transform second-hand container three, you first need to open the door laid the thermal insulation layer, the second do the antirust processing, the final paint and laid floor. 'Most of these containers to separate into two and a half, and opened the window with glass, the buyers just buy some furniture. All versions of the container, have the office already, also have workers' dormitories, have been converted into the bathroom, store, or 'car'. In addition to the dormitory, there are many special buyers request works carry the box into a store or office. Recently many rural supermarket opened a batch of container, internal decoration is elegant, air conditioner, telephone, computer and other equipment, some with a wood floor.
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