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Container house: a kind of fashion economy of energy saving and environmentally friendly buildings

by:Lida Group     2020-10-29
What is the container house? With the continuous development of construction industry innovation, for the majority of people to solve the problem of living, thus appeared now container house, container house also called container houses, is refers to the main house transformed on the basis of the container material, along with the development of the era should be a kind of fashion and economic energy conservation environmental protection house. Can move anywhere, anytime and anywhere, structures, simple and convenient, don't need to spend a lot of projects and time, can realize building the general some Settings. Mostly used in domestic container room at the construction site, used as a workers' dormitory, there are a lot of people use to use in the form of rental. Container house is one of the prefabricated houses, the biggest advantage is cheap, compared with other prefabricated houses, container house is for rent price is 6 yuan a day, that is to say, only 180 yuan a month is ok, but the traditional housing, the rents is the several times. For those low-income people no house container house is a good choice. Don't assume that the container house is just a small box, see the image below, you will know the container room also can decorate good-looking and practical than traditional houses. Log on our official website for more details.
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