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Container house, a new concept of living space

by:Lida Group     2022-01-26

Yes, that is, the mobile container house has strong flexibility and convenient movement, and can well adapt to the development requirements of the modern transportation industry. The related transportation and loading and unloading facilities are relatively complete. It means that container building will be the best portable temporary building. According to statistics, container building is especially popular in conceptual works, brand promotion and small events, because it is enough to enhance the advertising effect. It is a brand-new concept of environmentally friendly and economical prefabricated houses. The structure of each module is manufactured in the factory with an assembly line, and then transported to the project site. According to different purposes and functions, it can be quickly combined into different styles of housing buildings (hotels, hotels, etc.). residences, schools, dormitories, factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, etc.). Along with electric vehicles and wireless Internet, it is considered as an important invention that is most likely to change the way of life of human beings in the next ten years. Compared with the traditional construction method, the Hakka mobile container house has the advantages of being more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more convenient. These advantages have been extended to many commercial space uses: health service centers, activity centers, kindergartens, conference centers... The mobile box room makes the space use more efficient and refined! This is a revolution and subversion of traditional houses, Mobile box house innovation changes life, and advocates the concept of green, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly living, which meets people's urgent needs to change the living environment, and truly becomes the mainstream of the low-carbon building market

The importance of prefab houses has increased as flat pack homes have become a must in our daily life.
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