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Container house as office have what advantage?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-17
Office as the rent is a burden of funds, with the popularity of container houses, a lot of people are using container house as office area. Container house as office have what advantage? Advantages: container house can rapidly moving anytime and anywhere. Just a forklift can close overall carrying, only need a forklift and flat trailer can long distance overall handling. Advantage 2: container house there is no requirement for places. If you don't need to application of container placed address don't have to do the foundation of the house, even the mud can also, after the body to put on the spot on the external power supply can be applied immediately, do not need to install on the spot before electricity. Three advantages: container house decoration for the whole, and the general common company office in the same room. Commonly used with is: the embedded led lamp 2, power socket 3 ( At least one special socket for air conditioning) , have been pre-loaded with good, as long as in container houses built in the computer cable connected to the external always switch power supply can all safety operation. Internal completely indoor decoration, wiring outside, can be embedded in the central air conditioning, electrical, lighting lamps and lanterns, tables and chairs, can be used immediately. Four advantages: the service life of at least 15 years or so, can continuous application and handling, without disassembly, without loss of raw material. Suppose a project according to 2 years, after done, can immediately whole or part of the demolition to another a new address for the new project, so at least seven projects can be done, without repeated construction of another.
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