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Container house environmental protection practical fashion

by:Lida Group     2020-07-16
Container house environmental protection practical fashion

to build a house with container is one kind of new train of thought, it is green, save time and effort, very flexible, relative to the traditional housing can provide homes for more choice, individuals, families, and even a community can get.

container houses mainly based on the container material slightly and modification of a window with a door of the house. Such container room found in dorm room construction site as workers, others as rental housing use, durable, convenient building. As a result, the container house is also called container. When it comes to container architecture, believe that chengdu people may relate it and seismic safety. Indeed, since 512 wenchuan earthquake in 2008, more and more of container houses on the market, such houses than the original simple mobile appearance beautiful and durable, in order to solve the eating house to the earthquake-stricken area, greatly improved the level the disaster area people's living accommodation. Container in a remote city does not see as much as the coastal cities, wenchuan county, the wild goose gate unitized combination center school campus in container after completion of the classroom form, more and more places using container houses as accommodation and office use, including many fortune 500 companies also is so, so, how big is the charm of container house.
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