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Container house has the advantage of strong practicability Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-15
Utilization rate has been on the increase trend of container houses, a lot of the mall will choose container houses, just from his appearance, rendering more rectangular container house. The commercial and economic link itself, if it's not good for the economy, there is no business will take the risk. Because the container is not only the price is fine, practical aspects has many advantages. 1: use a very large area because itself is the necessity of brick structure, bearing beam thickness, and the container itself have little net weight and thin thickness. Using it in the container house, only in the walls on add a layer of insulation board, namely in the same building. And choice in the areas under the standard of container house has a bigger than brick structure area are available, and such additional areas can make customers more comfortable. Fewer 2: application of building decoration materials, no doubt, brick structure of the construction in the process of construction must be a lot of building decoration materials, containing mixed mortar, thick steel plate and all kinds of machinery and equipment. Besides applied many building decoration materials, but also must be a lot of human resources construction. Obviously, when building a unique container house, only a handful of workers in application of lifting sling according to engineering drawings together them. Three: short cycle less waste compared with traditional brick structure, special container houses don't have to explore basic without having to create an inch of an inch, so reduce the project construction process, so the construction of the building can greatly increase the reduce cycle time. At the same time, the container house is not easy to cause many of the city garbage, if there is no city garbage, also more environmentally friendly.
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