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Container house is the only drawback is that?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-19
Container houses in everyone's inertial thinking, feel is used for construction of prefabricated houses. But as inch of an inch of gold under the present situation, many people chose the containers, as a living. However, although the advantages of container house a lot, but there are still shortcomings. This small make up take about container house is the only drawback is that? A: 1. Convenient transportation and suitable often conversion engineering ShiGongDian enterprise or individual, container houses not only strong and durable, the overall made of steel, has the strong ability of seismic grade, resistance to deformation, good sealing performance, strict careful processing technology can well ensure it has sealed it is not easy to leak. 2. Prefabricated housing project construction in the chassis of specification stainless steel plate, can become part of a lot of space, such as conference room, bedroom, dining-room kitchen, bathroom, etc. Specification of the total width in 2. 2, 2 m height. 1 m, length is 2 m to 12 m. 3. The disassembly is convenient, excellent performance, smooth solid, good seismic performance, moistureproof fire anti-corrosion, lighter weight, house for the overall structure, with architecture, for steel plate metope, can use carpentry board panels, but the overall transfer, fire up to 20 years. 1 2: defects. Fire safety performance is not good, when light temperature to 600 ℃, steel structure will produce deformation, appear even melts. And steel structure is easy to rust, the construction unit must be to do a good job of corrosion resistance.
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