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Container house manufacturers talk about how to control costs while ensuring quality

by:Lida Group     2022-02-17
Container house is a new type of movable environmental protection building, with a stable box-type structure and strong plasticity in shape, which can be transformed into various new buildings such as container hotels, container homestays, and container shops. The development of container houses is getting better and better, so the number of container house manufacturers is also increasing. So how should we control costs while ensuring quality, so as to maximize benefits?

First, reduce construction losses

The reason why container houses are popular in the market is because they are economical, will not cause economic pressure to most people, and can reduce material losses during construction , so as to control the cost, there will not be a large amount of material loss like commercial houses and other types of mobile houses, especially compared with expensive shell materials, the loss will be greater. The non-standard customized container house is measured according to the actual area, so that the material loss will be very small, which is basically the same as the calculation.

Second, reasonable allocation of fasteners and auxiliary parts

We all know that, whether it is the decoration of commercial houses or the decoration and design of other prefab houses, the surrounding parts (including hardware) and welding materials will greatly affects the price of the house. The selection of fasteners and auxiliary parts can reduce the use of hardware and fasteners through reasonable deployment, which can reduce costs and form a price advantage.

Third, the labor cost is relatively low

The construction of ordinary commercial houses requires a lot of labor, and the construction of container houses can effectively reduce labor costs, even if it is a relatively large-scale non-standard custom container, it can also be quickly designed. Construction, factory production and on-site modular construction can reduce the dependence on skilled labor, thereby reducing labor costs.

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