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Container house, post-industrial era of low carbon buildings

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
Container house, post-industrial era of low carbon buildings

in this is used for shipping container house will be very cold in winter and not very comfortable? Although we have never lived in containers container houses, is not the case, but for now see these container houses with those who can stop the rain only black cold house, live in will not feel like a tramp, and once some renovation, you will see that the container housing has become so attractive, a large number of daylighting can let a space become very warm.

some people open the side cut 'wall' or 'roof', then put two or three or four container combined into a creative living space. Still can buy those insulation box of semi-finished products.

all in all, the waste container modification, is to treat it as a basic construction unit housing, through different forms of structure combination, the corresponding reinforcement measures, doors and Windows, floor, equipped with standardized hutch defends and water supply and drainage, electrical, lighting, fire protection, lightning protection electricity facilities such as equipment, decoration, accordingly to become safe, comfortable and humanized office space to live.

mentioned above the Netherlands container student apartments, a meters long, wide m container house with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a balcony. Small health interval in the middle position, long container into the kitchen living and bedroom space, all the students daily life needed infrastructure ( Including the Internet) Are all fear.

the Netherlands Keetwonen temporary housing agencies responsible for the design of these container housing, and container modification and installation of toilet, kitchen and Internet facilities work is done in China.

these modified good container is then shipped to the Netherlands, then be pile into five floors of the building, and on the front of the stairs and corridors, the rear part of the installation of the balcony, really is 'the sparrow is small, completely fear'.

Adam kalkin designed for architects Adriance container house in northern Maine. Within a larger structure combined with 12 containers as the basic structure, the ground floor walls on both sides of the container house is open type kitchen and sitting room area. Whole space covering nearly four hundred square meters, and equipped with a double height open the garage door.

the evening Adriance container house, can be seen clearly supported by container glass structure around the house, and two steel stairs lead to the position of the second container of the bedroom.

by container such buildings, its essence is the recycling of industrial waste, with the industrial design in the green of the 3 r ( 减少,回收,再利用) Design concept, for we are more and more creative ones, in the United States and other countries, the Boeing 727, 747, converted into residential cases have become common.

all in all, using waste second-hand container is this kind of industrial waste into a container houses, in environmental protection, energy saving, comfort, and circular economy with innovative features, the development of its behavior and conforms to the trend of modern city low carbon housing, should be in view of the development of this new type of architectural form, gradually be perfected on the rules and make a standard in the design, not just confined to a few in post-industrial era style architecture.

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