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Container house residence - - - - - - - - - - - - - Post-industrial era of low carbon buildings

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
Container house residence - - - - - - - - - - - - - Post-industrial era of low carbon buildings

container is simply the means of transport, but it also has been found suitable for human settlements, container house this way of living seems to both global and local at the same time, the quality of the temporary and permanent, finite and infinite. Waste recycling second-hand container to fully use the original material of high carbon steel plate, reduce a large number of repeated pollution arising from recycled steel, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. On cost, even if compared with prefabricated houses, container houses still have their own advantages.

container is also called container, along with the rapid development of world economic integration, it is used as a carrier of modern logistics in the global used widely in land, sea and air transport.

a year international shipping industry of the world's total container throughput Numbers are astronomical, therefore TEU is its international unit of measurement, rather than the commonly used measuring unit 'ton'.

twenty-three TEU is English Abbreviation of foot Equivalent Unit, is the length of 20 feet container as an international Unit of measurement, also known as the international twenty-foot Equivalent Unit. Usually used to represent ship's ability to load the container, it is also an important statistical container and port throughput, conversion unit.

container is simply the means of transport, but it can also be used to live has been found, the container house this way of living seems to be at the same time be both global and local, temporary and permanent, finite and infinite these qualities, the tension of container has let it be changed the architecture of a queen.

the first people to live in containers have not, but when it comes to container house, I'm afraid a lot of people will naturally think of the last century 60 s, hippies, the hippie movement and the beat generation in classical works on the road there is always the shadow of 'box-type trailer'.

hippies commune type of vagabond life way to express their opposition to the nationalism and the Vietnam war, advocate the traditional religious culture, to criticize the western bourgeois values. The box-type trailer is the best carrier to this way of life.

the container house with a trailer house is so similar, both as building USES the method of comparison can be used as a special subject to study.

, for example, in addition to the trailer house dress up as a temporary attempt to shape such a lack of imagination, trailer house was not offer much creative space.

the container is completely different, in them as the purpose in building its modular nature provides extremely free and creative imagination. Container between product design, architectural design and artistic creation, in this sense, it marks the highest achievement in the field of a, is also the most basic element in the field of another.

in terms of product design, for the development of freight industry and all related to transportation technology has a critical impact. In terms of architectural design, the wonders of container is embodied in many aspects, especially as the basic component of independent complete features. They are both highly precise and complex coordinate technical product, is the source of flexible and free imagination completely.

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