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Container house, will be building new trend in the future

by:Lida Group     2020-07-11
Self-built housing cost is higher and higher, now many people focus on the container. Indeed, we mentioned the container before, just think it's loading, used to move things, but in fact, in the western countries, will this new kind of building early mature application in ordinary buildings. Container houses, simple assembly, have individual character, convenient, neat, portable, fast construction, high plasticity, and so on, the minimalist and fluent line, modern architectural modeling, very suitable for today's young people, but also very suitable person do characteristics in rural farmhouse accommodation, a container is a room, switch style is simple, it is easy to do. Imagine, on the grass in the outdoor, building momentum built according to the slope, three large French window, will be the beautiful outdoor landscape panoramic view, the colour collocation of the container house is also very harmonious, if live in a house, must be very pleasant and comfortable life. Everybody is very curious when container houses, step by step, how to built below small make up take you to understand it. Container house also belong to a kind of prefabricated houses, its construction process, is also a need to design, factory production, site installation. First of all, according to the design drawings, set aside doors and Windows in the factory the mouth of the cave, the second is the subject construction, main body construction, it is fast, a few boxes a hoisting, the main body. Finally, the interior we used internal with wood frame, according to the temperature of building site, determine the thickness of the insulation layer, it is comfortable to live. The container house in our country has gradually become a lot of people love and accept, self-built housing and public works, will give priority to the container houses.
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