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Container houses, not the kui is a new concept of living space

by:Lida Group     2020-10-18
Is there a building structure is not only environmental protection, but also can save the time and energy. Is there a safe, comfortable living space, creative space? Yes, container houses. Container housing flexibility, mobile convenience, can get very good ability to adapt to the development of modern transportation requirements, the transportation and handling of related infrastructure comparative study, this means that the container buildings will become a best mobility temporary buildings. According to statistics, container architecture in conceptual works, brand marketing and small social activities is particularly popular, because it can improve the online advertising market effect. Container house is a new concept of housing, environmental economic activity in the factory assembly line to complete each module structure construction, and then transported to the site of the project, according to different purposes and functions of different styles of housing construction ( Hotels, residential, school, dormitory, factory, warehouse, exhibition hall, etc. ) 。 Compared with the traditional construction method, container houses with more environmental protection, more efficient, safer and more convenient. The use of these advantages have been extended to many commercial space. Container house to use space will be more effective, more detailed! This is a revolution and subversion of traditional housing, container the innovation has changed the life of the building, promote green, healthy, comfortable, environmental friendly life concept, to meet the urgent needs of the people to change their living environment, really become the mainstream of low carbon construction market.
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