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Container houses on one level, is the invention of the beneficial - Company news

by:Lida Group     2020-10-24
Container room has a certain strength, stiffness and specifications for large shipping containers used for working capital. Use a container transportation and goods, can be directly on the shipper's warehouse loading and unloading to the warehouse personnel, midway replacement car, ship, the goods do not need to change from the inside out. So the container is a very useful invention. Container in the great success of product standardization, so as to establish a transportation system. Can do a truck dozens of specifications, to gradually realize the ship, route, highway, bus stations, Bridges, the basis of multimodal transport logistics system to support all over the world, it is a great miracle in the history of mankind. Structure of solid reject traditional culture technology research material joining together with some more error caused by the big vulnerability, rough, deformation defects such as work. Galvanized steel, professional equipment production line technology, no error, structure surface to accept more, exquisite design, work safety and reliable. At the start of the container shipping, container structure and different specifications, and affected the flow of international container. Urgent need for container international general standards, in order to promote the development of container transportation. Standardization of container can not only improve the container as the sea and land and air transportation universality and interchangeability of the common transport unit, and can improve the safety and economical efficiency of container transportation, promote the development of international container multimodal transport. At the same time, the international organization for standardization of container back to vehicles and container handling machinery provides a choice, it depends on the design and manufacturing, make the container transportation has become interconnected facilities, professional, efficient transportation systems.
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