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Container houses, the new trend of self-built houses

by:Lida Group     2022-02-16

Convenient, regular, movable, fast in construction, strong in plasticity, etc. You must have guessed that the container house has both of these advantages. The minimalist and smooth lines and the modern architectural shape are not inferior to those of European-style and Chinese-style buildings, especially in the wilderness and other places in the suburbs, due to environmental constraints, container houses are the best choice.

On the grass in the suburbs, the house is built along the slope. The large floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor provide an excellent view and a strong sense of transparency. A work of art.

The two houses are connected by a corridor

The construction process of the container house is faster and more convenient than the traditional construction method.

Container houses are also a type of prefabricated houses. The construction process also requires design, factory production, and on-site installation.

According to the design drawings, the doors and windows are left in the factory for the foundation

, and even the basement can be left. It takes half a day to complete a rough house, which is several months faster than brick construction. Compared with self-built houses, it is more suitable for mountain areas, scenic spots, resorts in tourist areas, and homestay construction

After opening, the space is very open, and the depth of the bay can be very large

The interior is made of wood as a frame, according to the temperature of the building site , Determine the thickness of the insulation layer, and it is also comfortable to live in.

The main body is completed

The renovated container house, the interior effect

The interior decoration of the container is simple and easy to operate. If the factory has prefabrication, it can also be remembered that the decoration can be prefabricated directly in the factory.

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