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Container housing can play an important role in the weather

by:Lida Group     2020-06-27
Container housing can play an important role in the disaster weather

container mobile home ( Also known as the living container) And choi steel trailer are often used in the construction site to provide temporary accommodation for migrant workers, compared to more fire caigang houses over the past few years development, the trend of container house to replace the color steel plate mobile home.

the reason, because the container housing ( Also known as the living container) When to resist natural disasters is more tenacious to save power. Recently suffered over the past 60 years, one of the biggest rains in heavy rains, 39 people died in the storm. There are a lot of choi steel trailer in the heavy rain damaged, many people have been unable to continue to live. Caigang houses with light steel structure house is choi steel, quality is very light, no wind at ordinary times seems strong, but in case of more than 8 level winds, have blown the danger of collapse, this time of the heavy rain, very colorful steel plate on the roof of the trailer is blown away. For container mobile home, about two tons each container, the weight of the space also is not big, but very sincere. Even met the typhoon, may have been somewhat move, but will not be flat, can protect the safety of the people who live in.

container house is no special requirement for site. If you don't need to use a combination of, don't need to do ground treatment place of container house, even the mud can also body to live down on the power converter can be used immediately, without any site to install electrical needs.

choi steel container house, in steel structure welding into scaffolds, wallboard mainly adopts choi steel with thermal insulation, fire retardant, sound insulation effect, there are about 10 cm thickness. This kind of container trailer appearance beautiful, clean, neat, warmth retention property and noise resistance is strong, and more in the market.

of course is not to say that choi steel structure building is the saving grace, container mobile home ( Also known as the living container) Advantage in the face of heavy wind and rain under the situation of a disaster can be displayed, the whole container houses and the color steel plate trailer each have advantages, can't say which is better, only under the right circumstances, can play to their biggest advantage.

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