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Container material is diversiform, have different advantages and disadvantages

by:Lida Group     2020-11-13
Container transportation in constant development, in order to ensure that the loading of the goods need to be different. It appeared many different kinds of container. But in the end, the container is according to the requirements and development. So, the container of various materials have different advantages and disadvantages. A: aluminum alloy container the advantages of this kind of container appearance, good anticorrosive, key light weight. These advantages can make the aluminum alloy container has an advantage in processing, not only convenient processing, processing fee is relatively low. But does not include the quality has a problem, its life is long. The disadvantage is that cost is higher, welding performance is bad. 2: the advantages of steel container steel container is strength, structure comparison, high weldability, water tightness, low prices. Defect is very heavy, anticorrosion sex difference, the former can lead to processing difficulties, the latter is affect the service life. 3: glass steel container glass steel container has the advantage of strength, rigidity, heat insulation. There will be chemical resistance. This creates a clean, simple and convenient repair. On the downside, weight big, easy to aging, lower the intensity of screw bolt.
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