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Container mobile home bathroom powerassisted sco exercises

by:Lida Group     2020-07-21
Container mobile home bathroom powerassisted sco exercises

June 7 in the afternoon, 'peace mission - 2012 'Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) member states armed forces joint anti-terrorism military exercise in tajikistan khudzhand city officially started.

the drill is ninth time under the framework of the sco drill joint military exercises, is in August 2007, Shanghai cooperation organization (sco) heads of state decided to every 2 - the six countries Holds regular moderate scale of league play after 3 years, at a second routine multilateral league play, to promote the construction of the sco framework bottom allied play mechanism, deter the 'three forces', safeguarding regional security and stability is of great significance.

in the drill was used in the shipping container and container housing type collective bathroom ( As shown above) Main body, the bathroom is 40 feet ( About 12 m. ) Long container, by adding the door, window, turn on the water pipe and so on, be a bathroom in wartime. Type of this kind of container housing bathroom biggest characteristics is a high degree of mobility, can at any time with a trailer of shipment with the army marched quickly, and pitched after directly connected water pipes, can immediately put into use, provides great convenience for the soldiers.

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