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Container prefabricated housing is becoming more and more popular in the market

by:Lida Group     2020-06-28
Container prefabricated houses on the market more and more popular

container houses are widely used in road, railway, construction and other field operation of temporary housing construction; Urban municipal, commercial and other temporary housing, such as: temporary office, conference room, headquarters, dormitory and temporary stores, temporary schools, temporary hospitals, temporary parking area, temporary exhibition hall, temporary maintenance, temporary filling stations, etc. ( Container office every day can be set up more than 100 square)

container toilet and building, will be around and partition based leveling, reinforced concrete, it is best to compare stronger; Then made pillars, connected with transverse beam frame, diaphragm, outside wall panel and door window frame; Follow flooring, installed on a layer of up, and then on the roof and the roof board; Finally install doors and Windows, etc. , the vertical support. There is a container villas and so on.

container dormitory from birth to now, 100 years of time, change the world. It makes the transportation more convenient, cost is reduced, accelerate the speed of logistics, promote the trade between the countries, the expansion of the development of the economy. Container house is useful not only in transportation, the United States indicate the author said in the container to change the world, this container kitchen practical things, what he's worth is not so, but that he is how to use. Domestic ordinary workers on the construction site temporary living people box-type trailer, to the container as the template of high-grade modular architecture, and then to Shanghai more than his farm in container of exhibition room, studio. People time and time again to bring new ideas, container and container innovative applications access, a branding company put container room into a carrier of brand promotion, make the trailer and the perfect combination of brand, attract the public, such as Nike, audi, a lot of domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers. It is reported that this exhibition will be on September 25, 2012 was held at the Olympic park.

container house as a temporary housing industry is new bestow favor on, once launched, are popular with the site construction workers. Container houses is very convenient, we often see on the site, use a crane to handle. Container price is not expensive, compared to the current high prices compared to the container house price is easy to be accepted. Have rent to the market now is 6 yuan a day of container houses, there are eight yuan a day, which can live 8 people, office container per people rent only less than two dollars a day, really very value!

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