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Container rapid resettlement victims accommodation best choice

by:Lida Group     2020-07-18
Live one container quickly bedded victims had better choose

live container the housing is a kind of tense post-disaster temporary living method, accept live one container as a ready-made building material in the post-disaster temporary living arrangement is one of the more appropriate choice. Reason reason is as follows:

live one container can install victims accommodation problem set up time as soon as possible

one, live one container ready unit type module for temporary building provides the most brief and reliable, and can be mass production of solid build basic layout of the unit.

2, live one container can be repeated use of as much as possible. When repairing complete, temporary building after the inhabitants to return to the hometown, the container can still return wharf is used as the freight, also is say fundamentally situation there is no waste of resources, not to mention about the temporary building abandoned after the waste material recycling of the cost of the destruction of a key. Therefore, this method to remove the container installation and transportation costs, temporary building main body and the layout of price nearly to zero.

3, the size of container is the same. Due to transportation scale according to the international flow of industrial production, the four corners are lifting parts, so all construction hoisting equipment provided by the international community can be built in the post-disaster temporary used in the construction process, without having to formulate corresponding rules and technical equipment support, again throttling build key r&d.

4, absolute tents or other organic material is made and be become temporarily built, live people more prone to cleaning and disinfection to keep container clean ( Can be used indirect high pressure hose appearance) That deal with post-disaster temporary arrangement area may be the outbreak of the plague or epidemic of infectious diseases may be down to the lower level.

reality, use live one container as a temporary building main body of the material is not the author built as a division of a whim. Some land in the east has been built in real case, the Dutch because housing nervous and had a small amount of transformed container into protege dormitory live for protege. Another Hong Kong as a thriving port logistics industry will also have a small amount of waste container, for all construction of temporary workers used by local housing mostly accept container modification, and the streets of Hong Kong for sales department, circle k convenience stores limited ok to accept the container as a building is also very common. These data and real renovation project also provides for the post-disaster construction tension to build a resume.

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