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by:Lida Group     2020-10-18
Who is the main object of living room of container? In fact, in our country, the container house is typically used for temporary housing, such as the construction site, temporary workers to build the container room, and rescue, when natural disaster damage to people's houses, container houses became a temporary a residence, there are a lot of poor people, container house is their home. At home, the container house as a house to live for a long time or less, while abroad, in foreign countries, not only houses, shops can be a container housing renovation. But in the country to the problem of land use rights, so most container room is temporary housing, if you want to live in such a humble abode, can only run to a remote suburb, or some of the more remote places. Container house in the use of the site or a lot, some developers can not arrange the accommodation for all, can adopt the way of rent container, rental cost is not high, most people have to pay up, compared to common rent or there is a big difference. Container room in addition to a little bit small, basic functionality or have. As people economic consciousness constantly improve, creative container room also is gaining recognition and application. As long as a little modification can become a good house. Popular with young people. Container house is no longer in our traditional impression square appearance, the box now room can be very creative. Know more details, please login: http://www. gzlingzhi。 com/
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