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- container shall be carried out in accordance with the material classification Container architecture

by:Lida Group     2020-11-13
Because the container in the development, different goods have different requirements. Therefore, in accordance with the materials to classify container. According to the box materials used in the main components ( Lateral wall, side wall, roof, etc. ) , its material is different, have different names, use is also different. A: aluminum alloy light weight, beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance, good elasticity, easy processing, low manufacturing cost, low maintenance cost, long service life; But also exist shortcomings, not only the cost is high, and welding performance is poor. 2: steel structure is firm, good weldability, water tightness is good, price is low. This is the advantage of steel container. Relative disadvantage is that the weight is big, poor corrosion resistance. 3: glass steel good rigidity, internal volume is big, good thermal insulation, corrosion-resistant chemical resistance are good. Easy to clean, easy to maintenance. This is the advantages of glass steel container, relative weakness is very heavy, easy to aging, and the strength of the bolt very lower level. Summary, when choosing different material of container, according to the actual requirements, to pick the appropriate container.
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