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Container shipping the goods because of be affected with damp be affected with damp?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-22
As shipping, container is a kind of safe and economic way, many exporters will use container shipping, but shipping can be sure? Won't appear what accident? Indeed, will be affected with damp be affected with damp problem, although some loss is not serious, but some of the loss is very serious. Clearly is closed and sealed container why will be affected with damp be affected with damp? A: container not closely all the container are goods from loading period and has its damp and no container is completely closed tight. Container structure characteristics of the decision space beings, especially in is near the door. Improve the system security protection countermeasures to reasonably to prevent the goods because of be affected with damp be affected with damp items lead to serious injury and property damage. Exports, must be applied when the container. Please first systematic make an inspection for container. Check the shipping container door, wall, floor, the top have very significant perforation, clearance and damage. Ensure that the container clean comfortable. 2: water container key from the water inside the gas itself in the water, their own products, packaging products, Paper box, wooden box packaging, etc. ) , pallets and containers of woodiness floor, container leak, etc. International container for renters seminar stated shipping container woodiness floor moisture can not exceed 14%. In fact many harbors and application of container water average of 18%, even water has more than 25%. The key ingredient of container wood floor is soft board, high water content. Some things also packed in wooden cases. Goods itself, such as cotton handicrafts, palm tree handicraft, moisture content is high. Don't apply just after washing, cold dampness of the container, to use dry container, all the container application tray and other wooden furniture must be dry, if the air humidity is no more than 12%, best to use humidity inspection portable device ( HumidityDetector, test the moisture content of packaging materials. Will need to pay attention to the container, the tray and protect the corner of the store. Three: environment, in fact, in the Marine environment, Marine container as covers a large food steamers. When within shipping containers after sealing temperature is higher than the temperature of the external 10 degrees as the ocean, day and night temperature humidity difference change significantly. From ultra-low temperature region to the high temperature region, when goods or goods storage environment suddenly cold by warming conditions, pallets, wooden cases and so the water will be volatilize, water vapour in the gas will be goods suspected married when it meets cold water on surface or its packaging, the goods will be out of the water itself. When shipping containers from the high temperature region into the ultra-low temperature region, its internal working temperature by high temperature of the brake temperature more than moisture content, water vapor will be solidified into water droplets, and set at the top of the shipping container and the surrounding on the inner chamber, the last drop on the goods. That is why the goods were wet.
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