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Container the background of the rise

by:Lida Group     2020-07-09
Live one container background of

China's social and economic rapid development at present, housing has become the hottest topic for the last few years, because of the economic and life pressure, a kind of convenient for people to live a container was born. Live one container convenient living environment, is the result of prefabricated houses, but as a result of prefabricated houses for relocation and tear open outfit, so, this kind of living people container get widespread attention from all walks of life and love, all over the country, the rapid development and applied to the social various industries.

trailer as a temporary structure used in various engineering construction site, at the same time, with the improvement of the design, manufacture level, gradually improve the safety of the trailer, comfort, the use of mobile concept gradually obtained the social approval, utilization rate is greatly improved. Therefore, China mobile has long maintained a strong market demand, this process also is expected to last a long time. Currently temporary domestic construction industry each district is different, the construction industry is the biggest market demand for mobile and urban rail transit construction site temporary buildings, for workers' dormitories, office, dining hall and warehouse, etc. , before the north region of multi-purpose small Angle tents set up simple shed, and then improve for two or three layers of small Angle steel and cement concrete houses; The south of multi-purpose bamboo shed; And long-term need to manufacture outdoor homework multi-purpose container house.

in foreign countries, this kind of creative home already popular opened, still in its infancy in our country, many people still don't know, however, in the coastal area, has been widely used.

live container temporary housing will be the future home, mainly for the site occupancy, very green, with steel green world, prefabricated house's successor, is the path of the container in the future to live people.
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