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Container to establish what design will look better?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-11
Shipping container is not let a person the aesthetic feeling of ten thousand, because of the design of shipping containers didn't stand out, but the containers can build design, make its more good-looking, have a glance at the beauty of ten thousand. This small make up take a container to establish what kind of design will look better? A: space comfortable home outfit design should fully consider regional planning and sustainable level, such as the container chose three container design scheme in a comfortable home life, have a shower, restaurant kitchen, bedroom and huge living room, three container will create a settled interior space. Container appearance, for example, is a film, but the inner light and comfortable, with their own kitchen and the bar a few inches of the tub, in order to ensure that the light source inside the room, one side of the container chose the window of large-scale, household produces abundant natural light for the life. 2: ornamental value with carpentry board will container, container appearance of ornamental value, supplement the same glass door like the bathroom mirror, natural scenery light reflection on the glass door, is very beautiful. Container room is concise and supplement of the interior design style of contemporary and contracted furniture soft outfit comfortable interior space and natural relaxed natural beauty, eliminate noise in big cities, relax temperament. 3: let nature take its course of exterior decorative design of the container, don't try to hide the real color of container, to settle the real feel settled in container, especially suitable for hotel accommodation in the short term. Container hotel is equipped with broaden the equipment and engineering lighting, porch is an interest settlement space. Container wooden wall decoration of the hotel, supplement dark blue cloth sofa and comfortable chair of the sun, very retro fashion supplement, dark blue, brick red, the color of the walnut color collocation is very good photo background. Four: bold ideas container interior space under the bold ideas of design scheme, design scheme can also be a luxury villa. Half glass house, container house, room, design scheme and its exquisite luxury supplement orange container appearance, make the container house looks very unique, especially in the afterglow of the day is reflected on the house, all houses to release the warm atmosphere, looks elegant and advanced. Above the roof adds additional natural ventilation and gas, reduced the demand for air conditioning, also improve the indoor air flow.
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