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Container trailer and compared to what's the advantage of traditional house?

by:Lida Group     2020-06-24
and compared to what's the advantage of traditional house?

the company is a professional team of the company have a prefabricated building innovative applications. Business scope covers residential, resort, commercial, office, exhibition and other fields. Novel design concept and advanced technology, is committed to create exquisite intelligent modular architecture. Company team members have rich experience in architectural design, can improve the processing of various technical problems, actively communicate with customers, this is the precious capital companies to participate in the fierce market competition, and safeguard the interests of the client a solid backing. Under the

I'll give you a brief introduction of mobile home compared to traditional houses where the advantage of

advantage one: container house can move quickly.

just a forklift truck can move closer as a whole, just a forklift and flatbed trailer can kop move as a whole.

advantage 2: container house has no special requirement for site.

if you don't need to use a combination of, don't need to do ground treatment place of container house, even the mud can also body to live down on the power converter can be used immediately, without any site to install electrical needs.

three advantages: container house decoration for the whole, like we usually see ordinary office room.

common configuration is: built-in lamp 2, 3 (socket One of the special socket for air conditioning) , have been pre-loaded with good only in container house with external connections of all connected with external power supply always can safe use. Internal completely to decorate, external power, built-in air conditioner, electric, lighting, desk and chair, can be used immediately.

advantages 4: life in more than 15 years at least, can use repeatedly and move, do not need to tear open outfit, no material losses.

assumes that a project is calculated at 2 years, after finish, can immediately whole or part of a move to another new project site, at least can do seven projects, and don't repeat the other construction.

although trailer in installation disassembly is very simple and convenient, but at the time of installation must also be careful to treat each installation process, because of the trailer is provided by the collective accommodation, so researchers concentration is much, so don't cry because it is container house installed in some omissions and cause potential safety hazard when used in the future.

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