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Container trailer application effects show

by:Lida Group     2020-07-09
Application effect of container trailer in the

container trailer manufacturer continuously perfect product development, the application of the products is very broad, bring us value are understandably, widely used in the factory building, the living from the construction site, etc.

container trailer application results reflect? Through the application of container trailer in the construction site, temporary occupancy in site installation convenient and quick, shorten the time interval from building houses to use. Used by dry container house material were higher than ordinary prefabricated houses, cost-benefit analysis of financial investment from one-time investment of container trailer costs are higher than ordinary prefabricated houses. But in the long run, cycle of container trailer can be used and use fixed number of year can reach more than 20 years, and ordinary prefabricated houses normally only cycle using 2 - 3 times and use my cost overall trailer or container type. The trailer was 2. 4第二。 6 mx6m, belong to super wide in the transportation, now changed to 2. 4 m×2。 4 m * 6 m, conforming to the guidelines of transportation. Casing external requirements: grounding resistance of 10 or less Ω, cross section area of 16 or more was, deep buried earthing piles of 2. 5m。 Up temporary buildings, build content or change the building use, shall conform to the fire safety requirements. Installed in accordance with design requirements. In safety and environmental protection, of container trailer compared with ordinary prefabricated houses and have prominent advantages, has a stable, safe, strong, fire prevention, the characteristics of the shock, environmental protection, comfortable and clean, both treatment can improve the working life of workers, improve efficiency on the construction site, and to enhance the management level of safety civilization, energy conservation, environmental protection, so as to promote the use of container trailer turnover. Emergency rescue, can also be in the transport, installation, quick, put in good use.

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