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Container trailer in the fashionable and environmental areas occupies a certain position

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
in the fashionable and environmental areas occupy a certain status

actually, in essence, already exist the contradiction between environmental protection and fashion, is the so-called supermarket lined up to buy environmental protection bags is for the sake of environmental protection? Is not certain, most of the time, the so-called green design simply means that the latest technology and a lot of money, and container house seemed really has some different?

say container house is a combination of environmental protection and fashionable, because first of all, the possibility of a container construction purposes it is exciting to explore, from disaster relief shelters, first aid to luxury apartments, holiday villas, roadside shops, adventure camp, container houses can be turned into almost any purpose.

it's like a preformed space, according to the purposes and take measures for the transformation of different facilities and a series of life can be easily modified. This method of using prefabricated buildings, can greatly save the construction time limit for a project, save manpower, reduce production cost, thereby gaining a only need to spend a little cost and labor, and using more efficient space of conventional materials.

even compared with the activities of the housing market's houses, with an old second-hand container into the container houses still have their own cost advantage. On the surface, houses - 300 500 yuan/square meters, the container after decorating houses sell for 1000 yuan/square meters, but the housing comfort and container house there is a huge difference.

after twice and housing demolition, basically can not be used, the container houses could move for many times, the service life of more than 10 years. The cost allocation to eight Ten years on, then sell steel can also be in the form of iron. Secondly, the use of more than 10 years of container, because the paint fall off, the maintenance cost is higher, such as casing deformation gradually withdrew from the logistics field, and because these old second-hand container after abandoned still has a complete image of the native, after cutting and combination of simple, still have renewable value, container house will make use fixed number of year to extend more than 10 years.

this kind of waste recycling second-hand container, to fully use the original high carbon steel plate material, to reduce a large number of repeated pollution arising from recycled steel, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, slowing of resource consumption and adverse impact on the environment. Recycling old second-hand container, can save 1. Seven tons of steel and 0. 4 cubic meters of timber, reduce carbon dioxide 3. 49 tonnes.

if using 100000 year old second-hand container, 34 to reduce emissions. 90000 tons of carbon dioxide, save 3. 400 million KWH. Based on the above two points, container house of environmental protection and low carbon, no doubt. If what make the container house appears green, it is its mobility, when you want to change a city, and you can use the crane truck with the overall relocation, the house if you like 'up' the hero with imagination, your home can use hot air balloon in the air!

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