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Container trailer rental which a few kinds are there

by:Lida Group     2020-07-09
rental have which a few kinds of container trailer rental which a few kinds are there for people in our country the development of the container has a very good future, it is very convenient, reduce a lot of construction cost, of course, along with our country's container industry development is more and more prosperous, the development of container trailer rental is becoming more and more good, also can have more classification, so there will be more different, lease up then take you know.

container house is a kind of light steel as skeleton, mainly sandwich board as the enclosure material, space combination in a standard module, component by bolt connection, a new concept of green building economical activities.

welding box: new type of welding room in one container trailer is popular in recent years, because of its technology is close to the first kind of containers, so also known as container trailer, the technical standard below containers, container room is characterized by transportation, installation, convenient movement, and the cost is low, in more than ten years of life, high return on investment, using range is wide. Container type: using traditional container into a container house, is to the waste containers to use again, is characterized by very strong, can withstand greater pressure. Container type: container trailer between prefabricated houses and container house, it mainly adopts the modular production technology, to a container modular as standard parts, and to the need to use the site assembly, when can accelerate the speed of disassembly, installation also can reduce transportation costs. These are all common container house, believe there is a different container, you will be able to better understand how to apply to the container. Professional manufacturing one container, customized container trailer, packaging box, container meeting room, rent container room and so on!
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