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Container trailer will appear, why the price difference

by:Lida Group     2020-06-26
will appear, why the price different

container trailer has now spread throughout the country, but live one container rent or sale price of a little difference in different city, some cities the price a little bit on the high side, a little city price slightly low, different cities have different prices, these mainly by the cost of production and living factors such as degree of the development of the container.

container trailer prices in every city is different, the emergence of this situation because of container trailer in the development degree of each district is different, the proportion of application also have difference. In some coastal cities have long container trailer, container trailer price is very low; In some inland cities, container trailer prices are higher; And, in some remote northwest city container trailer prices are higher. These cities container trailer prices different city for the development of mature, is the cause of container trailer manufacturers more and more competitive, the price is low; And in the inland cities, container trailer manufacturer quantity is less, the price high some does not affect the sales and leasing of container trailer; In the northwest, traffic inconvenience, material cost is higher than other cities in many such container trailer nature price is high.

some of the major is the price of the container trailer on the low side of the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta cities such as container trailer is first developed cities, container of mobile houses leasing mode of group living people container trailer successfully open the market, container house have achieved rapid development in just a few years, 6 - Eight yuan a day rental mode is red great river north and south, provide people with rents are cheaper, better quality of mobile products. The pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta cities such as container trailer market has matured, big and small container trailer a dozen different companies, the competition is fierce. In the production of container trailer structure are not too many cases, quality, price is often the larger factors that affect customers, so many manufacturers choose to cut prices to attract customers. But falling prices leads to the difference of quality, many manufacturers of container trailer prices fall at the same time also reduces the quality requirements of container trailer, began to use the worse performance of raw materials for manufacturing, greatly reduces the service life of container trailer.

container trailer prices low, manufacturers need to reduce the price of raw materials to ensure that the meager profits, maintain spending and normal operation of the factory, in the process of this competition, tend to have a number of manufacturers will be eliminated, even insolvent and chose to escape, to customers bring bigger loss. Container on the premise of ensuring quality of mobile houses group, by the national unified procurement methods such as lower costs, let the customer gain more benefits.
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