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Container transformation into the market because of what?

by:Lida Group     2020-10-17
Speaking of container, everyone will think of shipping containers, few people realized the site use of prefabricated houses and container type, also didn't aware of public toilets or guard pavilion is belong to the class of container. The product of these belong to the shipping container derivatives. So the container transformation into the market, just like that. However, container into the market due to its excellent characteristics. A: the price, no doubt more and larger one of the reasons why so popular container house are, they represent a very high cost performance. Container is much more cost-effective than traditional brick kiln building. 2: environmental protection with climate and increasingly significant, everyone's environmental protection consciousness gradually enhanced, and the application of the new national policy, part of people prefer choosing green building. Container architecture is one of the best environmental selection, in which second-hand container is particularly significant, because they are made of acquisition of container. With ever had built not only is advantageous to the comprehensive utilization of containers, also means that don't apply additional raw materials, Such as brick and concrete) 。 3: the rate of basic construction cost and environmental elements are all built application container house two reasons, but they are not the only reason. All built application container house and office another reason is that they can build very fast. If you used container building construction, the vast majority of construction has been completed, such as walls and roof. That means your home or office can be completed in within a few weeks.
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